Club binder

The RITlug club binder is a physical source of information about the club. It contains hard copies of the club documentation from GitHub, club accounts, and documentation from the RIT club office.

The RITlug club binder is passed from president to president during executive board transitions (see Eboard transitioning). Even though most of RITlug’s documentation is available or maintained as electronic records, the club binder should be updated annually.

Table of contents

See Club binder contents to see the table of contents in the club binder. This is maintained as a separate document to be printed and inserted into the physical binder.

Updating the binder

  1. Print documents (using instructions below)
  2. Replace updated pages in binder
  3. Update log (at front of section you updated) in binder

Printing updated documents

  • Club documents are printable via the rendered version of the Runbook
  • To save on paper, only print updated pages

Club governance

Part of the club binder includes the club governance, like the constitution. The club governance documents are hosted in a different GitHub repo, RITlug/governance. Follow these steps to generate updated versions of the governance documentation.

  • Clone RITlug/governance, install dependencies, compile documents into PDFs from LATeX
  • Print generated PDFs (print updated pages to save paper)

Club accounts

  • Request copy of RITlug budget report from Clubs office. Print sheets from document as needed.