Faculty advisor

This document explains the role of the faculty advisor in RITlug and how to on-board and off-board a faculty advisor.

About faculty advisor

All recognized RIT clubs must have a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor is a permanent position and not subject to annual elections.


Faculty advisors can take a hands-on or hands-off role. Historically, RITlug’s advisor is hands-off. This assumes the club is in good standing and is in regular communication with the advisor. If a new advisor is selected, they should meet with the current eboard and discuss expectations.

The advisor is a point of contact for the club and RIT clubs office. Thus, there are a few forms that the advisor must sign annually (usually at the beginning and end of the year). Periodically, the advisor may need to resolve issues with the clubs office or with renewing club resources.

Changing advisors

The faculty advisor may change at any time during the year. If this happens, a new advisor must be found immediately (or else the club risks losing recognition by student government). RITlug is an officially-recognized club and is required to have a faculty advisor at all times. Once found, off-board the outgoing advisor and on-board the incoming advisor.

Off-board outgoing advisor

  • Request RIT clubs office to remove former advisor from CampusGroups
  • Follow eboard off-boarding procedures for faculty advisor (see Eboard transitioning)
  • Thank your outgoing faculty advisor for their support (physical gifts, like a thank you card signed by club members or a gift card, are nice gestures)

On-board incoming advisor

  • Request RIT clubs office to add new advisor to CampusGroups

    • Office sends email invitation to new advisor
    • Ask if other steps should be followed to bring in new advisor, in case requirements change [1]
  • Instruct new advisor to contact RIT clubs office (they will be sent paperwork to formally accept role)

  • Follow eboard on-boarding procedures for faculty advisor (see Eboard transitioning)

  • Organize formal meeting between current eboard and new advisor to communicate expectations and/or concerns

[1]Always ask – RIT clubs office does not directly communicate changes to requirements