Eboard: Vice President

The vice president is one of the elected members of the executive board (i.e. “eboard”). The vice president is directly responsible for helping the president carry out their responsibilities and help manage the overall club. Usually, the president and vice president maintain a close relationship where responsibilities often swap between the two. This page explains more about the responsibilities and role of the vice president.


The vice president assists the president where possible. This includes…

  1. Writing and reviewing weekly announcement emails
  2. Managing the presentation schedule
  3. Writing meeting agendas
  4. Interacting with guest speakers / visiting companies

There is a lot of overlap between the president and vice president. These four items are the primary responsibilities. There are other secondary tasks outlined below.

The vice president also supports the president when they need additional help. This could include anything from fundraising to event planning. Historically, the vice president takes on external event planning, like fundraising and coordinating conference presentations / booths.

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be a full time student on main campus for full academic year
  • Cannot be on academic probation
  • Must be available for 75% of weekly club meetings and eboard meetings
  • Must participate in the club for longer than full semester


  • Sending / reviewing weekly announcements
    • If president is unable to write, vice president assists
  • Maintaining presentation schedule
    • Coordinating with club community to find speakers, engaging with outside visitors to the university
  • Planning external events
    • Fundraising
    • Conference presence
    • Hackathon planning
  • Assisting president with their responsibilities


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