Semester Checklist

A quick checklist of tasks that need to be completed at the start of every semester.

Before Semester

Tasks to do during the break.

  • Get all eboard members financially certified through Campus Life. (Fall Semester Only)
  • Hold weekly/bi-weekly eboard meetings.
  • Discuss plans and brainstorm for next semester.
  • Reserve meeting space.
  • Triage and review tasks from previous semester to plan for coming semester (see project board).
  • Plan for the Activities Gala. (Fall Semester Only)
  • Complete any outstanding eboard transition tasks

At Start of Semester

Tasks for last few weeks of break.

  • Set up a meeting with the club faculty adviser to discuss plans for the semester.
  • Create a poster for the start of the semester.
  • Present at Activities Gala (fall semester only).
  • Send out a welcome email to people from the gala and returning members.
  • Find a weekly eboard meeting time based on schedules of all eboard members in Rochester.

First Week of Semester

Tasks which should be done the first few weeks of classes.

  • Have an eboard member attend the All Clubs Meeting.
  • Get ready for the first few meetings.
  • Send first meeting emails.
  • Verify budget allocation from campus life.