Eboard: Treasurer

The treasurer is one of the elected members of the executive board (i.e. “eboard”). The treasurer is directly responsible for managing the club’s financial resources and budget. The treasurer also helps plan financial purchases for the club. This page explains more about the responsibilities and role of the treasurer.


The base responsibility is managing and maintaining club budget throughout the academic year. Other responsibilities are included in this role. These aspects are…

  • Organizing fundraiser activities
  • Record-keeping for club expenses (e.g. project materials)
  • Ordering club-branded merchandise as necessary (including shirts, posters, banners, stickers, etc.)

Eligibility requirements

The treasurer must be in good academic standing to maintain their position. A club treasurer should be available in-person for club and eboard meetings. However, as treasurer is a mandatory position per club guidelines, the treasurer may be remote and participate remote (e.g. co-op, study abroad, etc.).


  • Work with club office to manage and maintain club budget
  • Organize financing and fundraising for club projects
  • Organize the purchase of, and aid in the design, of club swag
  • Help create, and purchase, club promotional materials