Eboard: President

The president is one of the elected members of the executive board (i.e. “eboard”). The president is directly responsible for managing the club and coordinating with other eboard members. This page explains more about the responsibilities and role of the president.


The president acts as a leader for the club to help determine strategy and focus for each academic year. The president uses the RITlug/tasks repository as their primary organizational tool. This includes updating the RITlug project board The president works together with the eboard to work towards the goals and strategies for each semester. Additionally, they can pick up tasks from other eboard members if they are overloaded.

While it is the job of the president to carry out the main administrative tasks listed above, it is the vice president’s job to assist where possible. These items are the primary responsibilities of the president. The president is the main point of contact for all club-related functions.

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be involved in the club for at least a year prior to election
  • Must be a full time student on main campus for at least one semester
  • Cannot be on academic probation
  • Must be present for 75% of weekly club meetings and eboard meetings


  • Updating the RITlug project board and following up on current tasks
  • Liason for club conflicts
  • Reaching out to potential guest speakers
  • Creating and managing semester schedule
  • Reviewing and aiding in weekly presentations
  • Setting strategic direction and goals for an academic year (with input from other eboard members)
  • Acting as a liason between RITlug and other entities inside or outside of RIT
  • Sending / reviewing weekly announcements
    • Vice president assists with this responsibility as needed
  • Maintaining semester presentation schedule
    • Coordinating with eboard and club community to find potential guest speakers, reaching out to speakers
  • Planning internal / external events
    • Club fair
    • eboard / general meetings


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