Eboard: Project coordinator

The project coordinator is one of the elected members of the executive board (i.e. “eboard”). The project coordinator is directly responsible for managing different projects in the club. Sometimes, the project coordinator may act as a project lead for a specific project. This page explains more about the responsibilities and role of the project coordinator.


The project coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all club projects have the resources needed to continue developing. This may include monetary resources, connections to mentors or the like and infrastructure to host the projects.

Eligibility requirements

The project coordinator must maintain good academic standing as defined by RIT to remain a member of eboard. Due to the hands on nature of the role, the project coordinator must be available in person during club and eboard meetings. If needed, a temporary replacement may be appointed to fill the role while the project coordinator is out on co-op. In that case there should be good communication between the the two people in order to facilitate a smooth transition.


  • Act as liason between project leads and the rest of eboard
  • Mediate disputes between project leads and team members
  • Encourage members to start and participate in club projects
  • Assist project leads in managing their projects
  • Assist project leads in establishing project-specific meetings
  • Provide general support to project leads and participants