Eboard: Secretary

The secretary is one of the elected members of the executive board (i.e. “eboard”). The secretary helps with written communication and keeping club records updated and current. This page explains more about the responsibilities and role of the secretary.


The secretary is responsible for record maintenance and for keeping RITlug organized. Their primary tool as an eboard member is the Runbook. Part of their role is to monitor the Runbook and ensure current practices by RITlug eboard members are accurately documented in the Runbook. They do not exclusively write documentation, but work with other eboard members to identify areas of need. Additionally, the secretary also builds the agenda for eboard meetings. This role can be considered the “librarian” or “information architect” of RITlug.

Eligibility requirements

  • Must be a full time student on main campus for at least one semester
  • Cannot be on academic probation
  • Must be present for 75% of weekly club meetings and eboard meetings


  • Weekly Presentations
    • Review of presentations
    • Addition of presentations to RITlug website
  • Set up sign-in form for upcoming meetings
  • Set up live stream or video conference for meetings and presentations that require remote participants or viewers
  • Record meeting minutes during eboard meetings
  • Prepare the agenda for eboard or special meetings
  • Manage calendar events for meetings
  • Manage club’s presence on CampusGroups