Eboard transitioning

This document explains how the exiting RITlug executive board (a.k.a. eboard) transitions to a new, incoming executive board.

On-boarding incoming eboard

These steps explain how to on-board new members to the RITlug eboard.

Hold elections

Elections are held towards the end of the spring semester. Running an annual election is required by the club office and should never be skipped. Follow these steps to execute an election.

Note: Elections can also be held in the fall if a seat is left vacant.

  • Week 10: Open call for nominations

    • Open call for nominations: club members nominate others in community for eboard positions
    • Verify / confirm nominations with nominees
    • Accept nominations in a Google Drive form
  • Week 12: Hold elections during club meeting

    • At start of Week 12 (Monday), open election with nominated candidates
    • Create CampusGroups survey to accept votes (see Managing CampusGroups for more info); remind club members that voting is anonymous
    • Close form at end of Week 12 (Sunday)
    • Current eboard members reach out to winning members to confirm their acceptance of role
    • At Week 13 meeting, announce results to club members in room; follow-up with an email announcment after

Congratulate all nominees for their participation in the election.

Update CampusGroups roles

RIT clubs are required to use CampusGroups and maintain records for the clubs office. After holding an election, update the incoming eboard members inside of CampusGroups.

Detailed documentation on CampusGroups can be found on the Managing CampusGroups page.

Update email aliases

RITlug uses different email aliases for different uses in the club. At the end of the semester, outgoing eboard members should replace their aliases with incoming eboard members. This is required for email aliases intended for a single role (e.g. president@ritlug.com, secretary@ritlug.com, etc.). For project aliases (e.g. tigeros@ritlug.com), it is up to the discretion of an individual and the project team if they wish to remain on the alias.

Detailed documentation on updating email aliases is found on the Update email aliases page.

Introduce faculty adviser

Outgoing eboard members help incoming members maintain a relationship with the faculty adviser. Arrange a meeting time for the outgoing and incoming eboard members to meet with the faculty adviser.

See also

See Faculty advisor for more information.

Other on-boarding tasks

  • Share Runbook with incoming eboard members, encourage questions and feedback on improving the Runbook

  • Incoming eboard members must take financial certification test from RIT clubs office (all eboard members must be certified to use club funds)

  • Add incoming eboard as Slack organization admins

  • Add incoming eboard to private Slack channel for eboard discussion

  • Add incoming eboard to new eboard team in GitHub organization, archive old eboard team, grant ownership privileges to president / vice president (see GitHub organization)

  • Add incoming eboard to RITlug GitLab eboard team.

  • Add incoming eboard members as collaborators with write access to the RITlug Google Drive folder

  • Transfer ownership of RIT computer account for RITlug (i.e. ritlug at rit dot edu)

  • Grant operator privileges to incoming eboard members in IRC channel (see IRC channel).

  • Add incoming eboard members as admins to Telegram group (optional, Telegram is no longer promoted)

  • If new president:

    • Pass off club binder at club office to new president
    • Transfer ownership of RITlug Slack to new president
    • Transfer ownership of Google Drive folder to new president’s RIT email

Off-boarding outgoing eboard

These tasks are done at the discretion of incoming eboard members. All steps are recommended and encouraged, but not required. Use best judgment for whether access should be revoked (especially if outgoing members remain active members of RITlug).

  • (Required) Remove permissions / roles in CampusGroups (see Managing CampusGroups)
  • Downgrade outgoing members from Slack organization admins to regular members
  • Remove outgoing members from private Slack channel for eboard discussion
  • Remove outgoing members from current “Eboard” team in GitHub, remove ownership rights if they have it (see GitHub organization)
  • Remove outgoing members from eboard GitLab group.
  • Revoke privileges in RITlug Google Drive folder
  • Transfer account ownership of RIT computer account, update any info, reset password (if necessary)
  • Remove channel operator privileges on IRC (optionally can grant voice privileges) (see IRC channel)
  • Revoke admin privileges on Telegram group (if applicable)
  • Revoke account privileges from any RITlug-owned machines or servers (see Hosted server)